Steps to get your firearms licence in New South Wales (NSW)

How to get your Rifle, Air Rifle and Shotgun License:

Step 1: Contact the NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 and tell them you would like to apply for a Category A and B license for hunting and target shooting.
Step 2: Contact our club and arrange for a firearms safety course (this costs around $70)
Step 3: Join our club and have our Club Officials sign your paperwork or send you a membership letter.
Step 4: Send in your paperwork ( Make sure you double check that you have your Genuine reason form(s), Licence application form, Membership letter if a club official didn’t sign your paperwork and your safety course certificate.)
Step 5: Wait for your letter to arrive. Go to the Roads and Maritime service and get your licence photo taken.
When your license is in its processing stage it is advised to install your safe and have it inspected.

How to get your Handgun licence.

Step 1: contact the firearms registry on 1300 362 562 and ask for a sport target shooting application form for handguns.
Step 2: You need to shoot with our club a minimum of three times before we allow you to join (this is firearms legislation).
Step 3: Join the club after your 3rd shoot and complete your ‘Pistol Safe Handling Course’ with our club trainer.
Step 4: For the first 6 months you can only shoot under the supervision of a fully licensed Category H you must shoot another minimum 3 competitions during this first 6 months.
Step 5: When your six months are up you must do a ‘Pistol Safety Training Course’ and send in this to the registry.
Step 6: You may now apply for your first Permit to Acquire this will arrive approx. 35 days after processing.
Step 7: Before your 12 months are up you are sent a renewal form for a full pistol license this takes approx. 35-60 days depending on the registry to process.
Step 8: After your application is completed you will receive a letter, take this to Roads and Maritime service and you will be given a full category H license.

When your license is in its processing stage it is advised to install your safe and have it inspected.

In order to retain your Firearms Licence, and your firearms, you must meet the Minimum Attendance and Safe Storage requirements as specified by the Firearms Act.

The number of attendances required depends on the genuine reasons that you specified when applying for your Firearms License.