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I invite your members to call at our range for a shot if you are in the vicinity.

Our range is between Tuncurry/Forster and Taree- Bayel Drive runs West off Pacific Highway exactly 5 km south of Taree/Old bar 12km South of Taree

We shoot .22Rimfire rifle and Air Rifle Saturday 9am, Sunday 9am & Tuesday 8am (our biggest day) and .22Rimfire pistol and Air Pistol Sunday 1pm. Our competitions are fairly informal (safety is not).

We shoot two classes, Target Rifle (the normal Benchrest specifications) and Hunting Rifle (our local rules which have been copied and are now used by most of the Northern NSW clubs) – must be a rifle meant for hunting -no modifications apart from scopes, butt extensions and shortening.

Usually shoot two competitions at a time one for score 10 shots and one for groups two groups of 5 shots averaged with as many sighter's as you want – for each class of rifle

We shoot 25metres, 50 metres, 50 metres again (with different 25 shot match target) , and 100 metres changing distance each week. We also shoot Koorainghat Green Ant at 100Metres, Chook Shoots 25 & 50 Metres, and 25 Metre scoped Air Rifle.

All Targets are our own design except for BR30 and most of Northern NSW clubs are now using our targets instead of SSAA or Small Bore targets.

Pistol targets are also our design but we shoot the normal matches. We have 15 right and left handed rifle benches and 10 pistol targets Costs $6 to shoot which
includes targets, tea coffee, biscuits. Gas Stove and BBQ available.

All facilities are wheelchair friendly. We have one quadriplegic, one paraplegic, one double amputee (one arm one leg) and numerous decrepit old men (and women) in walkers and crutches. 3 of our regular shooters are in their nineties.

Bruce Barlin Club Captain


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